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Dar Wong

Chief Executive /Investment Officer

Dar is a professional in financial market with more than 30-years of experience in global financial markets involving Derivatives, Equities, Fixed-Income, FX, Commodity instruments. Dar’s present focus is on expanding the implementation of blockchain technology while transforming the assets business into a digital economy. Dar is thus well-placed to spearhead ALA Advisors’ focus on investing in technology SMEs.

Dar is also an associate member of the International Rubber Research & Development Board (IRRDB) and is driving his expertise in risk management towards general commodities. His specified forums have covered 20 countries with clients coming widely from Government ministries, Exchanges, Financial institutions and Brokers, Private Corporations, amongst others. Such exposure has allowed him to construct a vast network of potential investors to be brought back to ALA Advisors.

In light of the above, Dar has built up a healthy network of connections to investors and funds. Dar thus brings to ALA Advisors not only a ready list of investors who are keen on investing in the technology sector in Singapore, but also the experience with technology projects and SMEs to bridge the gap between both investor and vendor companies.

Aside from his vast experience in fund management, Dar is an accomplished professional, having received the following awards and accolades:

The Spirit of Enterprise awarded by Singapore Management University in 2011; ASEAN Economic Award by Royal Privy Council of Thailand in 2012; Outstanding Award in International Financial Market Analysis by ASEAN Economics in Thailand 2015; Medal of Integrity awarded by Royal Palace of Palembang Indonesia in 2015. In 2019, Dar graduated from “ASEAN New Economy Leadership Program” jointly organized by Guangxi CA-Expo Group and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, and became the Alumni member of CKGSB. In the same year, Dar was invited to speak at the ASEAN Community Leadership & Partnership Forum held in conjunction with 34th ASEAN Summit in Bangkok Thailand.


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